The Missouri Fiddlers and Country Music Association began in 1974 with the concept of preserving and promoting Old-Time fiddle & country music. This type of music is a "handed down from generation to generation" art form.  Our main objective is to ensure that this music is continued into the future.  We feel this is necessary because of the link to our past from which these songs have evolved.  Old Time Music helps us remember our roots and tradition which are sometimes lost in today's world.  

With these concepts ingrained, we take it one step further by providing educational opportunities for anyone who is interested in Old Time Music. These opportunities consists of lending musical instruments, music lessons, jam sessions, public appearances, and group activities.

Fun and entertainment are also a large part of what we do, and through these events and activities you'll meet lots of nice and friendly people. Many of our members aren't musicians, just plain ol' folks enjoying and rediscovering some of the good old songs we all love to hear!

Our doors are open to the public and our passion for Old Time Music can be shared by all.


President Steve Hall

Vice-President Vesta Johnson at (314)821-7181

or send us an email at this address

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